About Strataboss

About Strataboss

Strataboss is a cloud accounting software custom-built for condominium or strata property management, a specialist area of property management that involves the management of condominiums or strata developments for their owners corporations, also known as, management corporations or homeowners associations.

A condominium or strata development is composed of:

  • Multiple units / lots that are each separately owned; and
  • Common areas that are jointly owned by all the unit / lot owners.

At its core, Strataboss is a sophisticated accounting system built to support the unique needs of condominium or strata property managers. Strataboss focuses on optimising every aspect of the billing, accounting and administrative workflows with automation and innovative, intelligent features, to ultimately deliver dramatic savings in time and labour.

In addition to our powerful invoicing and comprehensive accounting functions, Strataboss offers a range of fully integrated management, communication and customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities.