Invoice Format

Invoice / Statement Feature - Option to Include ‘Balance Brought Forward’ and 'Total Amount Payable'

Strataboss Invoice / Statement feature provides you with the efficiency of combining two vital billing objectives into a single document.

The first objective is, of course, that we need to issue an invoice to each property unit owner.

The second objective is that we want each property unit owner to also know the total amount they need to pay, including arrears. This is especially useful in condominium or strata property management where the issue with arrears may sometimes be significant and persistent.

With Strataboss, these two objectives can be efficiently fulfilled within a single document when you opt to include ‘Balance Brought Forward’ and 'Total Amount Payable' into your invoices.

Supports Multiple Due Dates Within An Invoice

This feature is essential if you wish to:

  • Bill Quarterly (i.e. three months' charges within an invoice); and
  • Have different due dates for each month's charges.

With Strataboss, your invoices can contain three months' charges, with each item having their respective due date.

Branding - Add Your Own Logo

You may add a logo or design to the top of your invoices and other documents.

Other Features Applicable to Invoicing:

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  • Bulk Generation & Bulk Emailing
  • Email Delivery Status Tracking
  • Emailing of All AR Documents
  • Audit Trail / User Activity Record