Bank-In Slip Submission Management

Bank-In Slip Submission Management

With the rapid changes in technology, electronic payments are becoming increasingly popular.

There is a growing trend of condominium owners paying their maintenance charges by fund transfer through their online banking accounts and then sending their proof of payment to the management via email or chat messaging. Management staff would then have to check these emails and chat messages to issue receipts. Without a system to manage such submissions, the possibility of human error is high.

Strataboss Submit Bank-In Slip feature provides an efficient system for condominium owners to submit their proof of payment and for management staff to process the submissions.

Convenient for Owners

Strataboss offers two ways for owners to submit their proof of payment (bank-in slip):

  • Submission Link in their Invoice Email; or
  • Submission Link in the Community Portal.
Efficient for Management Staff

With Strataboss, bank-in slip submissions are processed systematically. When a bank-in slip is submitted, a notification will appear, management staff may view the submission, issue a receipt and email the receipt to the owner.

Case-Specific Chat Messaging

If there are any issues with a submission, for example if a payment does not clear, the management staff can send a chat message within Strataboss to the owner's Community Portal account. This in-built chat messaging function provides the management with an efficient way to communicate with condominium owners on a case-by-case basis.